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    Roll Call Pitt

    Out of here tomorrow and back Sunday. Sitting in 352. Have a spare parking pass for anyone interested.
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    Pitt Game Travel Information

    What kind of travel information are you seeking?
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    Walt Disney World Resort Sponsors the UCF Knights
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    When do they announce the time for the Pitt game?

    I have a parking pass for the game, but will not be using it. Willing to let it go cheap. Lot Green 21.
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    UCF vs FAMU on CBSS?

    CBS in general has to be the absolute worst organization when it comes to streaming content.
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    Got Our PITT Tix!

    300 level.
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    UCF vs PITT

    My Pitt people told me Lawrenceville is where it's at if you're looking for gastropub type places.
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    I told all of you that we would be ranked ahead of Ohio State!

    Just think where we’d be had we been properly ranked to start the season. I don’t think any P5 team would drop so precipitously under similar circumstances (losing coach, players to draft, etc.) while retaining a top 10 Heisman candidate and a lot of the talent. Sure, teams would’ve jumped us...
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    Rivals: Could UCF have competed in CFB playoffs?

    "The Knights averaged wins of 49-25 this season but did not play a Power Five school before Auburn (a home game vs. Georgia Tech was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma)." Uhh, Maryland? Granted, they weren't worth a shit, but they're still P5. Do these guys even look at our schedule before they...
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    Coaching options

    Define this “before its time”. Also, I guess I should appreciate you not triggering folks by using binary terminology...
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    So.., what happens to all the fans who paid big money for 7 home games and now they get 5?

    There are people right near the stadium without power and housing tonight, dude. About that charitable medical care... Are you a proctologist providing free medical care to yourself tonight? Because you've definitely got your head up your ass.
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    So.., what happens to all the fans who paid big money for 7 home games and now they get 5?

    So much irony in your posts it's ****ing laughable. I'm a loser because I don't post much. You spend 1/3 of your life on a message board. Yep, the loser is over here. You spout your charity, yet call mine unfounded. So, your charity of founded because you say so? Was willing to at least prove...
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    So.., what happens to all the fans who paid big money for 7 home games and now they get 5?

    Live in St Pete. Have 6 people over (2 of them kids) because I have power and they don't. One couple are season ticket holders who could give a rats ass about the game because they're just happy to have a place to go back to once the power is back on. Also, spent most of my day helping to clear...
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    So.., what happens to all the fans who paid big money for 7 home games and now they get 5?

    Literally people displaced for who knows how long. Hundreds of thousands without power with temps expected in the 90s. And you're bitching about a football game. Get some ****ing perspective.
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    OT: Anyone think this is Jim Mcelwain?

    I think it's Ron White. Also, it seems like something that drunk hillbilly would do.
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    Athletics lands $5 million donation

    Clearly not a tosh.0 viewer.
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    Athletics lands $5 million donation

    Anyone else see the near irony in that the benefactor's name on the nutrition center is Garvy? #bowlofgravy
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    Stadium naming rights?

    I like this one for the opportunity of pregame hooker busts as wholesome, family entertainment.
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    Charlie Strong promises championships and on campus stadium...

    Key word: "Regulars." I'd say my measly 100 posts in a year and a half hardly qualifies. No need to puff up your ass-slayin' resume to me, guy. I'm sure when you're not jammin' on the keyboard and hulkin' up at the USF gym, you're a real ladies man.