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  1. goodknightfl

    median age of death from covid

    That is wrong, you have people in their 80's n 90's dying earlier than normal which will lower the average lifespan.
  2. goodknightfl

    20% herd immunity

    HIV was 95% a gay male issue. It was never really an issue in the heterosexual population. It was really rare for a straight person or female to get it.
  3. goodknightfl

    Ben Shapiro says feminism is actually all about that Wet Ass P-Word

    Of course a woman can like to sing. there is no reason a woman cant just like singing..
  4. goodknightfl

    Biden VP Pick Made, Harris it is.

    Harris is an ok choice. she is a black looking indian afterall.
  5. goodknightfl

    Sounds like Kamala Harris will be president

    I am sure Bidens handler's vetted the choice. They are not going to put anyone in who they can not control.
  6. goodknightfl

    Why are the other 3 officers being charged?

    So you wish to help the next guy, while ignoring the poor girl being groped and sniffed.
  7. goodknightfl

    Why are the other 3 officers being charged?

    As an officer they had a responsibility for stopping a crime happening right in front of them.
  8. goodknightfl

    Problem with Sentinel?

    Didln't know the Slantinal was still around.
  9. goodknightfl

    We might have an issue

    At the end of the day, Fall sports are not going to happen so all of this is moot.
  10. goodknightfl

    Trump is breaking the constitution already.

    I am against Trump doing what he is doing here. He does have the ability to do some of it by simply shifting funds around, but not one new penny should be added. The payroll tax deal is the dumbest of the moves, it defers taxes through the end of the year, which he most likely legally can do...
  11. goodknightfl

    ESPN ratings are struggling with everyone at home

    I watched about 5 minutes of one NBA game, I don't watch sports for Politics and Marxist nonsense. It is unwatchable.
  12. goodknightfl

    Republican Senate Can't Figure Out How To Help Americans During Virus

    I am against the Trump orders. Just like I was with Obama's. I am for ending unemployment and forcing rioters back to work. Rather than paying them to burn down the cities.
  13. goodknightfl

    MACCancels football for Fall

    Just a matter of time until everyone drops FB season. There is virtually no chance a meaningful season happens.
  14. goodknightfl

    75 years ago today.

    Japan was not going to surrender after the first bomb. The US would have lost 10's of thousands of soldiers slowly taking Japan. I think dropping the second was the best and only choice for us. Was it horrific? Yes. Would I ever want to do that again? No.
  15. goodknightfl

    Trump is breaking the constitution already.

    Biden will say what ever his handler's want him to say.
  16. goodknightfl

    Trump is breaking the constitution already.

    I am a Trump supporter, but am against this move. He does have some ability to move around funding, so I don't really know what he can legally do or not do. That will be for the courts to decide. I am for extending the money but not at 600 per week for people who don't even earn 600. I...
  17. goodknightfl

    We might have an issue

    Time to cancel all sports this fall, and kill all scholarships as well.
  18. goodknightfl

    80% of black Americans want the same or more policing in their communities

    Does not matter, 90% will vote for the far left that want to defund the police..
  19. goodknightfl

    Let criminals out of prison, they gonna criminal again

    Save the convicts and kill the innocent. Democratic logic..