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    Emerging Political Cults
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    Trump debate requests Really interesting stuff here. Not being a woman named Clinton apparently does a lot.
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    Trump debate requests

    There could be and Trump will definitely try/is spinning that narrative. But I’m more of the mindset that this election is a referendum on Trump and that stuff doesn’t matter. Just as evangelicals and large groups overlook Trump’s character flaws, anyone against Trump will overlook Biden’s age...
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    Trump debate requests

    Do these things really even matter? Are you telling me there are people truly undecided on how they feel about these candidates? Because I just don’t believe it. After four years of Trump, you know if you will/can vote for him or not.
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    Anyone ready to gamble at the Hardrock

    Little different in Vegas. When I was there would typically do my gambling in the morning because my wife wanted to site see and catch shows at night. Not 6 am early, but 8:30 I’m there lol
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    Ginsburg back in the hospital again

    One 6- year term, and then there is no campaigning again
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    Ginsburg back in the hospital again

    Honestly, if we did away with the lifetime appointment a lot of things would probably be different and it wouldn’t be a partisan fight to the death it is now. One term something like 10-20 years in length. No extensions, you can retire early if you like.
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    video games

    I hadn’t played a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2. They’re all just copy paste from one another. Multiplayer while fun got stale. But my buddy convinced me to try Warzone, and I gotta say it’s a completely different game. I was always interested in the battle royale concept but wasn’t going to...
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    video games

    With no sports on, my buddy turned me into Call of Duty Warzone. Free to play. Really good battle royale, better than Apex Legends I’ve been told
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    Florida State’s Mike Norvell to take 25% pay cut (as a covid cost cutting measure)

    They’re really struggling with money apparently. Not exactly sure how that’s possible given their tv deal. But from what I understand they’re laying off ppl in athletics and reducing their budget by 25%. Their season ticket sales are the lowest they’ve ever been and fewer and fewer ppl are...
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    Criticize China Anywhere- Subject to Arrest

    One more bad season and the Lincolnites will be calling for Frosty to go to China.
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    Criticize China Anywhere- Subject to Arrest

    You have no fear, Nebby don’t score no touchdowns.
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    Criticize China Anywhere- Subject to Arrest

    So even as an American, if you criticize China or its handling of Hong Kong, you’re subject to arrest if you touchdown on their soil. Don’t be visiting Hong Kong if you say “Free Hong Kong on the interwebs...
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    Tik Tok Spying Operation

    Color me shocked...
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    OT - Knights Out Pub Out

    Any Sportstown fans here? Nothing better than it followed by a Gringos after.
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    OT - Knights Out Pub Out

    I love the Mills/50 dive bar scene but the old Wally’s closed. It reopened with new management, but it’s just not the same. You really just can’t beat the view of Latitudes. We would go downtown every Wednesday, get in free with our student IDs. Get dollar drinks from Chillers and then walk up...
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    OT - Knights Out Pub Out

    The good old days of Scoop and Library. But the real pros (after turning 21) went to dollar drink night Wednesday’s downtown at Chillers, what was then Belly Brewery, and Latitudes. Plus there was no cover with a student ID.
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    Has Trump already lost the 2020 election?

    All polls currently show Biden as a more favorable candidate than Hillary was at this point in the lead up. That right there is bad news for Trump. Another thing I think hurts him - there’s no one on the fence about him anymore. You know if you can vote for him or if you can’t. That wasn’t...
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    Recruiting Update Thread

    Clemson stated they were going to remove the pro-slavery name from their honors college. I don’t think this will effect them at all. I think a lot of black players already went to places like Clemson, UGA, and Tuscaloosa knowing the racial undertones they might experience from some within the...
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    Could UCF's football attendance rank MUCH HIGHER in the nation due to COVID-19 policies?

    I’m in the same boat. I go to work, and to the store when I have to. But can’t risk bringing it back to my infant who is just starting to develop an immune system.