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    Thoughts for this weekend

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    Nearly half of all homeless live in california

    How to help them? Getting them cleaned up, jobs, etc. Unfortunately the left elite think you can just give them something for free and it improves. Why do they have signs to not feed the bears in the woods? Of course those Hollywood liberal types don't actually give their money or time to...
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    Nearly half of all homeless live in california

    California is such a sh!thole. All those rich elists liberals don't want to give up their
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    Crazy Uncle Joe is Unfit

    Not really. VP's don't get much interaction in the media. His speeches were canned. Donald Trump was very public prior to being president. The fact that his name has a "R" next to it is really the only change with the hate.
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    Crazy Uncle Joe is Unfit

    He said the tax credit will put 720 million women back in the I feel bad for him. Just retire and enjoy life.
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    Lewandowski and the House Judiciary

    Difference is Clinton stuff was actually true. The Russia stuff was all a bogus lie. Trump isn't perfect but the constant setups are another level of crazy politics.
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    Two more tankers attacked off Iran's coast

    Some of the highjackers were from there, but I never heard any government involvement. Big difference.
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    Gender reveal party

    Some turn it into a 4 hour "party" of clues. Just know...not everyone really cares about your baby that
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    Gender reveal party

    Is this fairly new to have a gender reveal party? and dragging out men to these parties? Now there are two parties before the kid is born that you have to attend. Good grief! I also think it isn't very woke considering the baby hasn't had a chance to pick his gender yet.
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    Andrew Yang

    Giving money for people to do nothing. What could go wrong? Lol
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    Trump moves to ban flavored vaping products

    I thought the left loved to ban everything and let the government tell them what to do? Now all of a sudden they are freedom
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    Trump moves to ban flavored vaping products

    Good question. Many are suffering pretty bad
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    Empire Star Arrested for being a d!ck...

    Jussie's attorneys are blaming the city for investigating the fake hate crime running up a tab. Only in America you blame the government for investigating what you claimed happened to you. Many woke people believed the nonsense...just like on this
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    Trump may end gov control of fannie mae/freddie mac

    Good...they are stealing money sweeping profits to the Treasury. Time to go private and cut the cord. Very profitable right now btw
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    Trump moves to ban flavored vaping products

    Comparing gun deaths to vaping is lame. Might as well ban cell phones and alcohol too. They are claiming lives on the road. I'm good with killing off this vaping fade with hippies.
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    Popeyes now offering bring your own bun (BYOB)

    So it must be the specific bun shortage on these chicken sandwiches. Really bring your own bun?If I'm going to try this chicken sandwich it isn't going to include me stopping for a bun. Waiting to try it though...the real version
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    Jemel Hill wants to bring back segregation now

    Zion Williamson got his mom living in a mansion while playing at Duke. Probably another $200,000 from Nike. He doesn't owe a specific school anything especially when the talent level, coaching, exposure, etc will be much less at a HBCU. I'm hoping there is no such thing as a black college...
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    Jemel Hill wants to bring back segregation now My only guess is she is looking for attention. I don't believe she actually believes blue Chip athletes need to leave to play Div 2 with little exposure...
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    Trump wants to nuke hurricanes. He's brought it up multiple times.

    Good analogy. Don't poke a stick at a crazy religious terror group. I do wish Trump would stop talking about Hurricanes though. Not exactly his strong point.
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    Popeyes Chicken Sammie

    I'm a huge chick fila fan, but I do want to try out their Popeye's Chicken sandwich. The customer service of what you described is every fast food chain not chick fila. I can sometimes waste 30 mins in line at Wendy's only with 5-7 customers.